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About The Founder + CEO


Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Elijah D. Griffiths, Founder + CEO of The EA Guru, is a distinguished executive management professional, EA leadership coach and facilitator with robust experience in administrative operations, including project delivery and management, providing consulting solutions to organizations across the world. He is an expert in the areas of communication, emotional intelligence, and operational efficiency. Elijah works with Executive Assistants, C-Suite Executives, and high-profile clientele, to streamline operations, offering advice and counsel regarding important professional journeys and leadership challenges.

From his own leadership experience as a dynamic Executive Assistant, Elijah has built a
deep understanding of supporting business functional components, coordinating cross
functional teams, and ensuring smooth flow of business improvements to drive change and
impact performance metrics. Thorough and energetic, Elijah draws on research and best
practices from the global Executive Assistant community, delivering speaking engagements
and workshops on topics such as project management, technology and how to manage-up.


A big picture thinker, Elijah is recognized for founding and bolstering the Gospel Choir at
Montclair State University, where he was trusted with the dreams of many, to cultivate
award-winning performances and later, a successful tour. Through his passion and resolve,
he has the ability to visualize all of the possible ways to achieve a goal. Elijah welcomes any
opportunity to explore strengths and resilience, as he helps his clients to set better goals
and overcome obstacles, with true passion, grit, and tenacity!

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